Hi, I'm Marcus, Cali grown I go to college, rollerblade, and play drums. I like a bunch of stuff. Mainly women, music, sports, tattoos, fashion, cars, and space. I always follow back and I am super friendly. I hope all of you enjoy my blog and please don't be shy. :D

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Anonymous: Do you have any tips for giving a blowjob for the first time? xx


tease him first like by kissing down his thighs and let your boobs brush over his dick. then start by kissing and licking up his dick, get it really wet. then you could add a hand massaging the balls or jerking him off along with your mouth.
look up at him as well and take more of his dick down your throat as far as you can, grabbing the back of his thighs can help. have him throat fuck you for a bit and then look up at him and start again on his tip. lick up and down his dick. suck on his balls. jerk him off and look up at him while he holds your head by your hair. then finish him with your mouth. no hands. let him do what he wants with you. let him use your mouth to cum. and swallow unless he wants to cum somewhere else.
after he cums take his dick back into your mouth and gently suck him off. it’s super sensitive after he cums and it feels great.

^ she knows what shes talking about. :)

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Ohh my guuud
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Wait do American people not call their friends mate?? Is this a thing???

Yup. I’m sure some do but mostly people just say friend. Which is boring but whatever.

Wait so you go up to your friends and be like “Hello friend.”

we use names

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Lamborghini Aventador
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i love watching pets sleep bc you see their belly go up and down when they breathe and you’re like wow this is a lil living creature that’s all mine to play with

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